head office

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Email us

prestident @ madcatvic. com
vicepresident @ madcatvic. com
secretary @ madcatvic. com
treasurer @ madcatvic. com
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To join MADCAT Victoria you will need to download the membership form [available here], fill it in and attach it along with your payment receipt to:
membership @ madcatvic. com (remove spaces)

Your membership will then be reviewed by the committee and you will be contacted within 7 days. if you have any further questions you can get in Contact with us via the email addresses listed on this page.

What do I get out of it?

Like everything in life, you get out of it what you’re prepared to put in!
The club is a not for profit association and all monies raised go to the running of the club and member resources.
As the club is developing, we want members to be actively involved in the running and organising of the club. We welcome members to organise ride days and events, offer up ideas and views on what will make the club a great club.
The committee will offer around 12 club sanctioned rides per year (subject to covid 19 restrictions). Rides will be organised with lead and sweep riders with access to first aid and communication equipment. Members will have access to club equipment for personal use, if not conflicting with club activities.
Ride practice days are in place for beginners and newbies. You will also have the opportunity to mix with a great bunch to share your stories and experiences with. We are developing an adventure motorcycle community.