End Of ISO – Ironically, was the name given to this ride originally when it was planned before Victoria’s second lockdown. 8 Members attended the ride for its second innings, it seemed fitting to end the year with this ride — we hope NEVER to be in lockdown or Isolation again!

The 250km ride followed mostly well surfaced gravel roads, a loop from the east around to the north of Melbourne. The group needed to spread out due to the dust and a couple of close calls with oncoming 4WD vehicles kept us alert. A couple of tracks offered slightly more challenging terrain with some water channels, rocky and steeper sections, but being dry and with everyone running off-road tyres there were no incidents, except for a parking fail by John. Lunch at the Kinglake bakery Café before having to take a detour via Whittlesea (Ridge road emergency vehicles only!) on our way back to Warrandyte.

A great time had by all, Looking forward to many more rides in 2021!

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