Road To Nowhere.     

Well, we know where we’re goin’

It was a cold and windy day my friends and we were on a road to nowhere. I believe this is was repeat circuit that was instigated by Tim our current president. 

Tim’s rides have a musical theme and you’ll see a pattern if you look back over past ride reports.

A mix of old and new members ,12 in all, gathered at the Kinglake meeting point. Once the formalities of the briefing concluded we headed down to Castella on a beautiful twisty road which lead us to our first section of dirt. Turning off the Melba Hwy it was evident that this is a popular spot for off road bikes with single track heading off in all directions. We were travelling well as a group but the side track we were on was getting narrower and a little slippery. Riders were taking it easy and going their own pace.

Maybe you wonder where you are

A few K’s on it was time to stop and re-group and have a quick break, once we were on the move again it wasn’t long before our ride leader Damian came to a stop. In fact we all stopped and looked what was beyond, CLAY. There we were perched at the top of a steep and fortunately short slippery section of clay. There was no getting around this descent, but we all managed to get down in our fashion . Some more gracefully than others.

And you could help me sing this song

The road surface improved once we were clear of that track and back on the main forestry road. Now in the open valley, Brett on his VStrom realised his rear tyre was flat. A few willing hands gathered around to get the bike repaired. I checked with our sweep rider Dean , no phone or radio coverage.
Our group was now split in two . I was sent off to the front group with the news. Damo and Casey headed back to supervise but must have been a quick fix as the group was back together in no time. The good thing about club rides is safety in numbers and the willingness the lend a hand and tools if necessary.


They can tell you what to do
But they’ll make a fool of you

Our next forest section had us traversing a ridge with wonderful views of the Acheron Valley below and the spectacular Cathedral Ranges on the other side. On the descent into the valley road was about where Jonathan, riding in front of me thought it was a good idea to start skid steering into corners. Skills went astray, a split second later the big Africa Twin was weaving from side to side and certain to go down. Somehow he managed to save it but a change of undies was in order. 

Back on the blacktop now heading south to Taggerty, after a left towards Thornton. Gail had other ideas and rode straight for the warmth of the open fire and our lunch stop at the Buxton Pub.

Would you like to come along?

 Now that we were out of the forest and on the open road the windchill cuts were severe.  A couple of more right turns found us climbing up the Blue Ridge road. Despite the winter rain the road was fairly dusty causing the field to drop back and spread out. Rounding a corner I saw proceedings had come to a halt. I thought it might have been a luggage adjustment but the smallest bike with its’ pint size fuel tank was running low on fuel. No problem I’m pretty sure we were all cold and hungry anyway so we turned around and detoured through farmland down to Buxton for fuel and lunch. Did I mention the open fire at the Pub? 

And it’s all right, baby it’s all right

Watered and well fed it was back on the bikes. Harold and Phillip said their goodbyes and headed home early. A change of order, Dean was to lead us now with Damian following up as sweep for our return through the forest back to Toolangi. The return trails were well maintained forest roads with little to no traffic.


We’re on a road to nowhere

Once back to the Healsville Kinglake road we re-grouped and said our goodbyes. The official ride end was at the top of the Toolangi Slidewhere we headed off for home in our respective directions.

The Road To Nowhere itself gave enough mix of challenges and a variation of terrain to keep us on our toes. This ride and the Roughy Not So Toughy were perfect tracks for my ’97 Tenere, and was great to get it out again which proves you don’t need to spend big dollars for maximum fun. 

Yet another succesful MADCAT day out.

They can tell you what to do
But they’ll make a fool of you
And it’s all right, baby it’s all right

We’re on a road to nowhere (Ha )
We’re on a road to nowhere (Haaaaa!)
We’re on a road to nowhere ( Ha HA )
We’re on a road to nowhere

Words: David McGowan   
Edit: Jonathan Alvarez
Photos: Jonathan Alvarez, Gail Miller, Craig Stirzaker